“Outreach, Outreach, Outreach” 07/14/16-07/22/16

The week of July 7th and 8th I took a break from work and visited beautiful Milwaukee. It was a great trip and no work things happened. I returned to work on the 11th and things kept moving right along.

Week of 07/14/16-07/15/16

Here’s what I wrote in my log the week of 07/14/16:

Thursday: “Wrote a letter requesting in-kind donations in the form of materials from community retailers and members of the Costume Council (Note: The Costume Council of the Chicago History Museum is sponsoring the exhibit and FashioNEXT program). Reached out to Peter Alter (Note: Chicago Historian) about contacts for East Garfield Area Schools.”

Friday: “Sent invitation letter to Veronica Roth’s representation at New Leaf Literary. Reached out to local community groups and youth organizations that may be interested in the project. Began scheduling meetings to talk over conditions of participation, scheduling, etc.”

Week of 07/21/16-07/22/16

Thursday was a unique day for me because I attended a HIVE Chicago Meetup at the Harold Washington Branch of the Chicago Public Library. HIVE Chicago is a consortium of 84 local organizations, including the Chicago History Museum, that aim to support Connected Learning pedagogy into their youth programming (for more on Connected Learning click here). Essentially, Connected Learning is a style of lesson planning and education program development that strives to integrate technology and new media into the learning process to inspire greater connectivity. The themes of this pedagogy were very reminiscent of the discussions my classmates and I had in the Public History and New Media class last spring, particularly the discussions of differences of Web 2.0 platforms versus interactions the public has with the Web in the past. The meeting brought to light for me many of the challenges faced by various disciplines and organizations  that strive to keep their content relevant and meaningful to young audiences using digital and new media.  Time was set aside during the meeting to discuss strategies to face some of those challenges (called “Moon-Shots” by HIVE…still not sure why…) as well as generally network and advertise upcoming programming.

On Friday I continued my routine of reaching out to community organizations and setting meetings to discuss participation in the program. I wrote in my log for 07/22/16, “Outreach, Outreach, Outreach!”

Next Friday we meet with the Exhibit Design Department, Marketing, and the rest of Education Department to discuss the design of the exhibit space where the winning entries of FashioNEXT will be displayed for three months. I am looking forward to learning about some basics of Museum Exhibit Design, a section of museum work I have little to no experience with.




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